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Being the Artist I am today and seeing how my work has evolved, I can honestly say that I equal the sum of my life.

Art is part of my DNA, something I could never deny myself and, it has undoubtedly saved me many times over.  Life for most of us has a tendency to take – but in my Art I have found so many gifts, so many understandings shown to me and such Freedom!!

Every canvas I begin teaches me something new.  I find that the work will always show you what it wants to become and, persistence always pays off.  I often work on a large scale.  I find it lets me fully express myself, there is no intimidation, there is only Freedom one painting can change many times, I truly love the process, a crazy dance of love and hate, excitement, disgust then elation.

Being an abstract artist, I look to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  I feel so connected with that whole time period and spend many mornings reading about their methods, their lives.  I envy the connections they shared with each other; it was such an exciting time for the Abstract Artist.  Such a moment!!  For me, Abstract Art is a never-ending quest, when I work I feel like an explorer, architect and an archaeologist all rolled into one.  It can be an emotion, a vision or certain color direction and you start building, exploring and then deconstructing to explore what is beneath.  It’s this madding organically raw, yet meditative dance that you do.

I like to work in Series, large and small scale at the same time and that will usually lead me into whatever my next Series will be.  I am not a painter who wants to do something consistently over and over.

For myself, I have so many ideas that I want to explore that I will have to explore!  Just the way that I love tight controlled work, equally as much as my loose work.  I can swing back and fourth like a pendulum at times even enjoying both at once, hopping from a tight tape line to a free and loose deconstruction.  Create & Release!!

In the end, you are the creation of your own experiences.  The dysfunction of my childhood, the Art & Design Schooling in Switzerland and London, my very trying years in Parsons and surviving in  New York City and the wisdom that comes from having your own family and lastly the DNA that always leads you to your truth.

When all is said and done, I invite the Viewer not to look at my work as a whole complete painting but, to be a part of my exploration of my layers or shapes and what emotions they might discover within themselves, what makes them connect.  My hope is to elevate the Viewer to awaken the Viewer’s DNA.


For any questions feel free to contact me below